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Ok ok, now that I have your attention, let's have a real conversation about BOUDOIR.

I think a good way to begin is to rule out, right up front, why you shouldn't do it...........................................


Now why you should. These projects are THE SINGULAR MOST FUN + EMPOWERING sessions I do. Boudoir is about YOU; its about memorializing this time in your life. Maybe you're getting married and want to give your someone a hot gift or maybe you conquered breast cancer; how about just because you want to. Boudoir is about liberating yourself from the shackles that have been placed on you - by know them, the voices in you head that say "i'll do it when i hit my goal weight"; "i'll do it when I feel sexy again"; "when i'm brave enough; thin enough; happy enough"

blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.............bbbbbbllllllllaaaaahhhhhhh!

Stop it!

Stop it right now, because you and i both know, thats a bunch of bullshit.

Just stop.

Those are all stupid, hurtful lies that we have all (including me) told ourselves for far too long.

Im 52 years old, and I can honestly say that I have spent my entire life hyper focused on what my body looked like (and less about how it felt) but only recently decided to not give a fuck.

Now, Im not suggesting you not care for yourself.........what I propose is, stop worrying about it. Do the right things; eat well, sleep, exercise........all the things........ but, rather than feel badly about where you are, embrace it.

Every woman that I have worked with has said to me that the experience of a Boudoir session was the most amazing, fun, empowering, personally revealing gift they ever gave themselves.

My clients always bring a friend or two, mimosas or something stronger, outfit changes (although they usually end up with nothing on) + a super positive attitude.

Sessions are very technical + not very sexy. There's a lot of laughing + uncomfortable positions.

They can last as long as 3 hours if we're really having a good time + I promise you - you're gonna love it.

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  • patricia423

The last couple of years have been a lot. What I learned along the way is that we -human beings- need each other. I felt lucky in many ways because I had my 4 amazing kids + my incredible husband of 25 years with me. I had everyone I needed around me.

Yea, I missed my friends and going out to nice restaurants, but I wan't alone.

Fast forward to today, back to what we called 'normal'. Back to school, back to socializing, working, sporting, partying... back to being apart... and it all, at times, seems completely over stimulating; overwhelming; noisy.

In an attempt to get back to what we once knew, I feel like we may have over corrected.

We can't go back; we aren't the same; but how do we find balance + peace.

An old friend reached out last week. She was in the area, visiting some family and asked if I would join her and her beautiful children at the beach for a while. Away from everyone. Just us. She is going thru some really heavy shit and wanted to memorialize where her family is right now, in this moment.

I met them very late in the day; it was golden hour, right before the sun dipped below the horizon. The kids were exhausted, melting down; done. But, in the midst of tantrums, we took our flip flops off and walked into the surf, just our toesies; just for a little. It was quiet + soothing; only the sound of the gentle waves; and they slowly calmed down, giggled + played. She was able to breathe.

What an incredible reminder and gift this precious time together was. A lesson. That even though we are surrounded by all of this chaos + noise...........we can find peace. Simply by stopping, reconnecting with those most important to us + enjoying the quiet.

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  • patricia423

I don't know if this happens to you but, as a creative I sometimes fall into a rut. I lose the ability to see the beauty that is always right in front of me. When this happens, I look for opportunities to be inspired. Yesterday was one of those days. I took a drive down to Asbury Park. It was freezing, sunny and very well worth it. A short walk produced several amazing images to be motivated by. The local artists don the walls of the old casino with incredible art.

Memorializing it all was really fun!!

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