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I have to say that I really love working with families, especially the kids.

As the mother of 4, I do really enjoy them and gettting to know who they are is so much fun.

Often, as moms, we want them to be on their best behavior during a photo session. Stand up straight, smile, don't get dirty........... but.......... I like it letting the kids just be themselves. Thats what I'm trying to capture.

It's not about the perfect shot, it's about acknowledging their personalities and appreciating them.

These two were gleeful simply being aloud to RUN!

  • patricia423

I feel like this is a good place to start. It's been a really long time since I blogged. I've done it when I travel, to keep a visual diary of my memories.

So, I will do the same here. Keep this place so that I can show you how I see the world and why.

This memory of a calm, quiet place. A place I visited with friends who were celebrating a special moment in their lives. It's a memory filled with warmth, love, excitement and gratitude. It's why I come back to this memory often.

Relaunching a website is exciting. To be able to share my work and my love of photography is what I've been doing all along on social media; but, having a place to blog about special images and tell you their story is going to be fun!

Stay tuned


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