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its not all nips + cooch........

Ok ok, now that I have your attention, let's have a real conversation about BOUDOIR.

I think a good way to begin is to rule out, right up front, why you shouldn't do it...........................................


Now why you should. These projects are THE SINGULAR MOST FUN + EMPOWERING sessions I do. Boudoir is about YOU; its about memorializing this time in your life. Maybe you're getting married and want to give your someone a hot gift or maybe you conquered breast cancer; how about just because you want to. Boudoir is about liberating yourself from the shackles that have been placed on you - by know them, the voices in you head that say "i'll do it when i hit my goal weight"; "i'll do it when I feel sexy again"; "when i'm brave enough; thin enough; happy enough"

blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.............bbbbbbllllllllaaaaahhhhhhh!

Stop it!

Stop it right now, because you and i both know, thats a bunch of bullshit.

Just stop.

Those are all stupid, hurtful lies that we have all (including me) told ourselves for far too long.

Im 52 years old, and I can honestly say that I have spent my entire life hyper focused on what my body looked like (and less about how it felt) but only recently decided to not give a fuck.

Now, Im not suggesting you not care for yourself.........what I propose is, stop worrying about it. Do the right things; eat well, sleep, exercise........all the things........ but, rather than feel badly about where you are, embrace it.

Every woman that I have worked with has said to me that the experience of a Boudoir session was the most amazing, fun, empowering, personally revealing gift they ever gave themselves.

My clients always bring a friend or two, mimosas or something stronger, outfit changes (although they usually end up with nothing on) + a super positive attitude.

Sessions are very technical + not very sexy. There's a lot of laughing + uncomfortable positions.

They can last as long as 3 hours if we're really having a good time + I promise you - you're gonna love it.

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