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Noisy peace

The last couple of years have been a lot. What I learned along the way is that we -human beings- need each other. I felt lucky in many ways because I had my 4 amazing kids + my incredible husband of 25 years with me. I had everyone I needed around me.

Yea, I missed my friends and going out to nice restaurants, but I wan't alone.

Fast forward to today, back to what we called 'normal'. Back to school, back to socializing, working, sporting, partying... back to being apart... and it all, at times, seems completely over stimulating; overwhelming; noisy.

In an attempt to get back to what we once knew, I feel like we may have over corrected.

We can't go back; we aren't the same; but how do we find balance + peace.

An old friend reached out last week. She was in the area, visiting some family and asked if I would join her and her beautiful children at the beach for a while. Away from everyone. Just us. She is going thru some really heavy shit and wanted to memorialize where her family is right now, in this moment.

I met them very late in the day; it was golden hour, right before the sun dipped below the horizon. The kids were exhausted, melting down; done. But, in the midst of tantrums, we took our flip flops off and walked into the surf, just our toesies; just for a little. It was quiet + soothing; only the sound of the gentle waves; and they slowly calmed down, giggled + played. She was able to breathe.

What an incredible reminder and gift this precious time together was. A lesson. That even though we are surrounded by all of this chaos + noise...........we can find peace. Simply by stopping, reconnecting with those most important to us + enjoying the quiet.

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